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QL Generator


Looking for a reliable generator? The QL High Frequency Generator is a reliable electronic component and suitable for high and low voltage. It ensures a stable high-frequency power signal to the Power Coupler. The Generator uses less energy to create the same level of illumination as a conventional HID ballast and lamp system. The system operates in temperatures from -40°C to +55°C and meets all (inter-) national requirements regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMI).


More information and specifications can be read in the document:
- Advantages of QL Induction Lighting Electronics


QL Company is the first supplier of induction lighting systems. QL induction lighting can improve your energy efficiency and life-time performance even more, for example in tunnel and street light applications.  Available in 55W, 85W and 165W.



- Robust design, highest life-time reliability

- Instant hot and cold (re) start

- Operates in hot and cold environments

- Power Factor Correction

- Limited inrush current

- Output Power Stabilized




Voltage 100-277V
Lifetime system 80.000 hrs
Efficiency over 90%
Cooling convection
Operating temperature -40°C to +55°C ambient
Operating position Universal
Safety approvals C- UL-US and CE
EMC approvals Complies with all international EMC requirements